My obsession with the human body, religion, tradition, violence, eroticism, beauty, find their expression in my work. This creates a landscape where I form, evolve and destroy human relationships, without the constraints and rules that disctates culture, society, and body. The blending of dissonant elements which at first sight seem unrelated, creates a disturbing universe, a world of fantasy where dreams and colors, flowers, patterns, embroidery, membranes and cut emphasizes the cruelty of the most intimate and hidden desires the human being.

The eagerness of man to aesthetic perfection of the body is reflected in the characters who live an internal fight with weapons, incisions, wounds with body fluids that flow into drops, tears, bubbles or flowering plants. The cuts occur literally in the layers of varnish, exposing the hidden reality. Behind the skin, organs are transformed into thoughts, tissues into dreams and systems in desires. A reminiscence of the injuries found in Christian iconology.

Through a variety of materials and techniques such as pencil, paint, spray, embroidery or collage I built up my paintings with semi-transparent layers. Each layer has a story and covers another, leaving a trail of fantasy, a blurred image, where different realities are manifested after a close reading with attention to detail. In contrast to the blurred image appears sharp and obvious elements such as photos, borders, lines, shapes, or cut flowers in the glaze, reflecting the duality of human desires.